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Nansen Award Acceptance Speech

Dr Katrine Camilleri’s speech on the Acceptance of the Nansen Award. Nansen Award Acceptance Speech (153 downloads)

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In the Footsteps of Pedro Arrupe

This booklet, published on the hundredth anniversary of Father Pedro Arrupe’s birth, to remember his vision for JRS and ensure, even as the organisation grows and the world changes, that its vitality is sustained into the future. The reflections of Jesuits shared in this booklet testify to the enduring legacy of his vision. They prove correct his prophetic hopes of the role that Jesuits are called to play in alleviating the dramatically urgent needs of forcibly displaced people, and of the spiritual benefits to be reaped in this important modern apostolate. Twenty-seven years after the establishment of JRS, the magnificent response to his initial appeal has not diminished, and the impact of this apostolate on Provinces who make men available, remains real and profound. Arrupe’s vision has inspired so many Jesuits, lay people and religious who have worked with JRS and will continue to guide it into the future. Download In the Footsteps of Pedro Arrupe (190 downloads)

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