Everybody’s Challenge

This book gathers key documents that record the inspiration and the mission given to Jesuit Refugee Service by the Society of Jesus in the first 20 years of its life 1980-2000. Everybody's Challenge (207 downloads) .

Even in the short 20 years of the life of JRS, the profile and needs of refugees and forcibly displaced people have changed a lot. For this reason the mission of JRS needs to be clear and the criteria for putting it into practice need to be well understood. Refugee is in fact an imprecise term applied to a diverse range of people.

Over these last 20 years, the number of conflicts of a religious or ethnic nature have increased, and so have their victims. In addition, In this context there is a world-wide growth in criminal human trafficking by which many refugees are doubly punished. They must pay cash in order to enjoy their fundamental human right of asylum. And as a result they are frequently seen as ‘illegal’. 

Fortunately, Catholic social teaching uses a broad understanding of who is a refugee. Yet while the needs of refugees differ according their countries of origin or of asylum, or because of the reasons for which they left home, the pastoral and human response of JRS remains consistent.

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